It all began in Miami 2018...

Pepper & Salt

Rainer & Martin

These two are one of the best creations of two "european exclusive master chef's"

The one from the south, the pepper
The other from the north, the salt

Both, Reiner & Martin can proudly look back on 60 years of exclusive cuisine and professionell experience.

As everyone knows, pepper & salt is the most important ingredient in any dish.

When they met in Miami, it was clear that everything would change.

Two creative minds dedicated to combining taste with healthy ingredients.

The result:

A pretzel sandwich with exclusive quality was born.

For their Pretzel Sandwichs creations only high quality ingredients are used.

People who have tested this Pretzel Sandwichs speak of a taste explosion of a special kind.

You should have tried this Pretzel Sandwichs once.

You will find that this is the best Pretzel Sandwichs in the world.

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