Dear customer,

We are pleased to offer you our services outside of our opening hours.

You are planning a great event like:

* Suprise for friends

* Poker night with friends
* Super Bowl evening
* Playoffs: basketball, football, ice hockey ....
* Soccer evening
* Lady's night
* Office Meeting
* Reception events
* Training events
* Just for fun evening

.............. and more

We offer our whole Menu, our spezial Menu and more for a ordering catering up 15 pretzel sandwiches ordering.

If you are plan this, call us or make a meeting date with us, so we can talk and find out together what you like and what we can realize to make you happy.

For special wish and special ingrediens(lobster, caviar,scalops like this) we will need more time to get this.

Please call us or send us an email for a appointment.

You want more catering like German Food here


Email: / exclusiv.

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