We offer these smoothies in disposable cups (x oz) without deposit and in glass cups (x oz) with lid and spoon straw with pledge.

If you decide to buy a straw-glass tumbler, pay a deposit of $ 7 ($ 5 for glass and $ 2 for straw) to the glass and spoon.

If you order more smoothies, we will replace them with each next order.

If you do not want to order any more smoothies, you will get the $ 7 refunded on your next order.

Our smoothie glasses as well as our spoon straws are always cleaned and stored according to HACCP standards.

1st H - Hazzard
2. A - Analytic
3. C - Critical
4. C - Controll
5. P - Piont

HACCP is a global hygiene control system in the food industry that we always comply with.

The only thing you need to do is rinse the containers with warm water and prepare them for the next order when we deliver your next order so we can pick them up.

With this offer we want to reduce the consumption of disposable tableware in the delivery service for the future.

Furthermore, we plan to convert our standard packaging for all our offers into reusable packaging for the future.

For all of these packaging costs for the retrieval, cleaning, disposal of no longer usable packaging and new procurement arise.

These are financed purely through the deposit system, so we do not want to generate any profits, only to finance them cost-effectively.

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